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[ About The Queer In You ]
Name: Maria
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: Plainview, New York
Status: Single as ever.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Are you Shy?: I'm shy around people I don't know, but once you get to know me I'm not.
Are you unique?: I'd like to think so.
Do you often take the lead?: Usually.
Are you a follower?: Not so often.
Do you do drugs?: Not anymore =]
Do you smoke cigarettes?: Yes.
Do you drink alchohol?: Not anymore.
Are you any type of activist?: No, not really.

[ Opinions On ]

Gay Rights: Gay rights are one of the things I have entirely strong opinions on. I could write an entire page about gay rights, but none of it would anything you haven't heard before.
Clothes: Uh...I like wearing them?
"Scenes": Eh, whatever you choose to do.
Michael Jackson: I like his music, but I dislike him as an individual.
Being Nerdy: Being nerdy can be rad.
George Bush: Don't get me started.
Hygeine: Sometimes I can be a total germophobe. Hygeine is a big thing with me.

[ Favorites ]

Top 5 Bands/Artists you like: Nirvana, Something Corporate, Sublime, Brand New, Jack Off Jill.
Least 5 Bands/Artsts you dont like: There really isn't a lot I don't like.

Food: Any kind of pasta. I <3 carbs.
Drink: Ginger ale.
VideoGame: Grand Theft Auto...probably Vice City.
Book: Go Ask Alice? Perks? Candy? I dunno.
TV Show: Family Guy or Futurama
Movie: The Breakfast Club or Donnie Darko. Either one.
HangOut Spot: Wherever friends are. If not, in my room with my canvas and my acrylics and my brushes.
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, computer graphics, makeup, photography, psychology, reading, watching tv, hanging out, guitar, listening to music, etc.
Word or Phrase: Rad, bogus.

Tell us a joke (props to No_Pants community for this idea):
Will you advertise us?: Sure.
Give us a link where:
Kiss our ass: If I kissed your ass you would feel a piece of metal =]
Show us atleast 3 pictures of yourself:

Weirdest picture of me. Ever.

Myself and my little sister.

Slightly older picture. I think this is the only picture of my in existence of me really smiling.
*extra brownie points*Show us a picture of you kissing someone of the same sex: Ewewewewewew, it's my ex-girlfriend.

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haha i love you ! so youre accepted to this not yet up and running community :) ♥