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Flavored Coffee is for lesbians.... [entries|friends|calendar]
Queer Is LoVe

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4:08pm February 2nd]

join this community mother fuckers.


p.s bridgette i love you
love me.

Gay rights? Do we have any? [Friday
1:15pm December 30th]

Still, we have lost some key battles against right-wing extremism - including passage of a constitutional amendment banning marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships to same-sex couples in Texas. And now we're up against several anti-gay ballot measures in California, Wisconsin and other states in the 2006 elections.
-from the Human Rights Campaign-

here's my view on the matter:

Banning domestic partnerships and civil unions is way too much. honestly if we could just smack these people in the face!

This is prejudice, it is not just setting laws but targeting and hating a certain group of people. Restricting them the right to happiness, the right to live, and the right to feel unthreatened and safe.

whats next? a new kkk that says it is a government?

if they don't like gay marriage... whatever.
but this is getting too far, its like the start of a nation wide restriction of freedoms and the growth of extreme prejudice. it is unacceptable to be racist but hating gays is ok??

i seem to remember a supreme court case concerning virginia vs the loves. they were an interracial married couple in a state where it was illegal and they fought for thier rights and won it.

isn't it the same thing?

i'm not saying we should fight for gay marriage but allowing gay people to have civil unions is the least bit of dignity this 'free' country can give us.
love me.

some basic info [Thursday
8:23pm October 13th]

[ About The Queer In You ]
Sex: Female
Location: Rhode Island
Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Are you Shy?: only when i don't know the group that well
Are you unique?: YES
Do you often take the lead?: sometimes
Are you a follower?: sometimes
Do you do drugs?: no
Do you smoke cigarettes?:no
Do you drink alchohol?:no
Are you any type of activist?: i try
moreCollapse )
love me.

Survey thingy (sry it took so long) [Monday
5:06pm October 3rd]

[ mood | crazy ]

[ About The Queer In You ]
Name: Crissy
Age: 16
Sex: female I think, let me check *looks down pants* yep genetically female at least
Location: rhode island, somewhere in this state
Status: single-ish (I’ll post later about my many crushes)
Sexual Orientation: I‘m pretty much gay but I’m not out to my parents or family
Are you Shy?: when I’m around my friends, hellz no. when I’m around teachers, yes maam
Are you unique?: I like to think so, but chances are I’m just like every other person out there.
Do you often take the lead?: well I try to unless its something like skool work, then I let other people do it for me
Are you a follower?: not really… I don’t trust most people enough to be a follower
Do you do drugs?: do Tylenol and advil count? ; )
Do you smoke cigarettes?: yesh, whenever I can snag one from my mom
Do you drink alchohol?: at speshul occasions
Are you any type of activist?: I am a full fledged activist against my straight/white/republican parents who think everyone that isn’t straight/white/republican is evil.

[ Opinions On ]

Gay Rights: I believe that glbt people are the same as straight people and are therefore entitled to the same rights and privileges. After all we still love, so why can’t we get married? We should be treated as people not as “that lesbian” or “that fag”. we deserve to be RESPECTED and not just tolerated.
Clothes: I love people in all clothes but I feel most comfortable in darker pants/makeup and bright shirts with sayings on them.
"Scenes": Is this like causing a scene? Cuz I think if someone is pissed off or hurt enough they are entitled to make a scene. In the case of romantic scenes, I say stop humping in public and get a room. lol
Michael Jackson: he just looks/sounds creepy. Ignoring all that child molestering crap, why would you like someone who grabs his own groin? He’s like the people that dress in costumes and hug little kids. But he does have some good songs.
Being Nerdy: “unleash ur inner nerd cuz life is too short to be kool.” I support that statement
George Bush: ah yesh, ol’ dubbya. I loathe him with a passion. He sent my brother to Kuwait and my cousin to Iraq. Hmmph. Then he tells me that who I am is wrong and I don’t deserve the same privileges as good old christian straight people do. Well screw you bush ok! I’m fine the way I am!
Hygiene: please people, just wash ourselves… its not that hard is it?

[ Favorites ]

Top 5 Bands/Artists you like:
Breaking Benjamin
The Exies
David Bowie

Least 5 Bands/Artsts you dont like:
Johnny Cash
Brittney Spears
Backstreet Boys

Food:Taco Bell tacos!
Drink: mocha frappucino at starbucks
VideoGame: Katamari Damacy
Book: The Vampire Lestat
TV Show: Invader Zim
Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
HangOut Spot: the internet? Lol I don’t get out much
Hobbies: I like to watch iz, go online, call vicky *sigh*, and just talk…
Word or Phrase: f*ckaroni, or confuzzled (cuz I am a lot)

Tell us a joke (props to No_Pants community for this idea):
What's brown and sticky?

a stick

I’m sorry, I’m bad at jokes
Will you advertise us?: sure most definitely
Give us a link where: I dun’t have a link right now, but I will put it in my lj and userinfo
Kiss our ass: with pleasure! *MWAH* so smooth and clean…
Show us atleast 3 pictures of yourself: ack! i shall try...
Read more...Collapse )

*extra brownie points*Show us a picture of you kissing someone of the same sex:
ummm, we are not kissing but thats my ex girlfriend liz. she's smexy like that
Read more...Collapse )

i will post more pics later

love me.

new show [Sunday
8:17pm October 2nd]

She once dated basketball star Aiden Dennison — but now Ashley's mostly into girls...

could it be true? is the N actually having a FEMALE character be gay?

its called south of nowhere and i gotta see how they do it.
love me.

9:42am August 11th]

[ mood | mellow ]

[ About The Queer In You ]

Name: Jennifer
Location: Holland Pa.
Status: Single :[
Sexual Orientation: Not sure... But I heart Girls and most boys freak me out.
Are you Shy?: Not Really
Are you unique?: I guess so.
Do you often take the lead?: Yuppers
Are you a follower?: Sometimes
Do you do drugs?: Not that often
Do you smoke cigarettes?: Nope
Do you drink alchohol?: Yes.
Are you any type of activist?: do i partisapate in things? ...if im not lazy/am up to it.

The Rest Under CutCollapse )

1 love me.

6:04pm July 24th]

Read more...Collapse )
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11:54am June 7th]

[ mood | sick ]

 i hav food poisoning...did i tell u? bla ok i pressed rich text right... so then i pressed the piture button that right up there...and then its like enter the url or whatever for the picture....im so confused...i need a smart pill. help me sum1! lol

love me.

12:01am June 5th]

[ mood | exhausted ]

[ About The Queer In You ]
Name: Alex Kellogg
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Location: Roslyn, NY
Status: Single for now
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Are you Shy?: every now and than
Are you unique?: yeah, u can say that
Do you often take the lead?: i guess
Are you a follower?: i guess
Do you do drugs?: ganja aint a drug
Do you smoke cigarettes?: fuck no
Do you drink alchohol?: si senor y senora
Are you any type of activist?: i guess

[ Opinions On ]

Gay Rights: i think gay rights is excellent and that it all should go into effect
Clothes: what ever looks good
"Scenes": fuck scenes
Michael Jackson: whatever
Being Nerdy: funkay
George Bush: evil cracka
Hygene: fantastic

[ Favorites ]

Top 5 Bands/Artists you like: Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Pink floyd, Peter Tosh, the toasters
Least 5 Bands/Artsts you dont like: whatever sounds bad
Food: pizza or sushi
Drink: soda or alcohol
VideoGame: Grand Theft Auto
Book: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
TV Show: classic nick, the simpsons, mr. show, south park, whateva
Movie: pulp fiction, baadasssss!, dont be a meance to south central while drinking your juice in the hood
HangOut Spot: prob. the trainstation
Hobbies: skating, guitar, hangin
Word or Phrase: man ill suck your dick man

Tell us a joke (props to No_Pants community for this idea): I GOT THESE CHEESEBURGERS MAN!, i dont want any cheeseburgers
Will you advertise us?: i guess
Give us a link where: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/ufoguy.html
Kiss our ass: any day of the week
Show us atleast 3 pictures of yourself: i wouldn't even if i had pics
*extra brownie points*Show us a picture of you kissing someone of the same sex:
eh that never happened... but bridgette knows that it almost did

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????? [Saturday
4:42pm June 4th]

how do i post pics? im so confuse-ed....:(
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7:43pm June 3rd]

[ mood | tired ]

ApplicationCollapse )

love me.

werd app [Friday
3:53pm June 3rd]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

wait till you see my OHHCollapse )

7 love me.

application [Friday
2:50pm June 3rd]

[ About The Queer In You ]
Name:lara larry mad maddy nezzy ( i like larry or mad best)
Sex:im a gal
Location:a town that origionated from a twilight zone episode called.......port washington
Sexual Orientation:bi
Are you Shy?:fuck no
Are you unique?:way
Do you often take the lead?:ULL HAV to ask my followers
Are you a follower?:HEl nO
Do you do drugs?:no
Do you smoke cigarettes?:ummm
Do you drink alchohol?:nope
Are you any type of activist?:nope

[ Opinions On ]

Gay Rights:if u dont like it shut the fuck up and just live and let live
Clothes:i wear them
"Scenes": dont have an oppinion
Michael Jackson: scary now
Being Nerdy:lots o fun
George Bush: he can be retarded at times..
Hygene: good is good

[ Favorites ]

Top 5 Bands/Artists you like:the used page avenue blink 182 the donnas 3 doors down
Least 5 Bands/Artsts you dont like: ashlee simpson jessica sim.. timberlake hillary duff and raven

Food: cotton candy ( i am obsessed)
Drink: strawberry smoothe
VideoGame:pac man
Book: breathing underwater
TV Show:charmed
Movie:gone with the wind
HangOut Spot:bagel boss
Hobbies: singing painting writing drawing
Word or Phrase:stix and stones may break my bones but whips and chanes excite me

Tell us a joke (props to No_Pants community for this idea):"If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up?" said the sarcastic teacher. After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet.
"Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?"
enquired the teacher with a sneer.
"Well, actually I don't," said the student, "but I hate to see
you standing up there all by yourself."

Will you advertise us?:already am
Give us a link where:if i get the question i hav 1 on myspace
Kiss our ass:um...
Show us atleast 3 pictures of yourself:sure
*extra brownie points*Show us a picture of you kissing someone of the same sex:if i get one
love me.

JOINNN!!! [Friday
1:40am June 3rd]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

queer is love!!!

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