Crissy (masochist89) wrote in queer_x_love,

Gay rights? Do we have any?

Still, we have lost some key battles against right-wing extremism - including passage of a constitutional amendment banning marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships to same-sex couples in Texas. And now we're up against several anti-gay ballot measures in California, Wisconsin and other states in the 2006 elections.
-from the Human Rights Campaign-

here's my view on the matter:

Banning domestic partnerships and civil unions is way too much. honestly if we could just smack these people in the face!

This is prejudice, it is not just setting laws but targeting and hating a certain group of people. Restricting them the right to happiness, the right to live, and the right to feel unthreatened and safe.

whats next? a new kkk that says it is a government?

if they don't like gay marriage... whatever.
but this is getting too far, its like the start of a nation wide restriction of freedoms and the growth of extreme prejudice. it is unacceptable to be racist but hating gays is ok??

i seem to remember a supreme court case concerning virginia vs the loves. they were an interracial married couple in a state where it was illegal and they fought for thier rights and won it.

isn't it the same thing?

i'm not saying we should fight for gay marriage but allowing gay people to have civil unions is the least bit of dignity this 'free' country can give us.
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