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[ About The Queer In You ]
Name: Alyssa
Age: 15
Sex: girl yo
Location: Roslyn
Status: single
Sexual Orientation: reppin the Bi's
Are you Shy?:hell no
Are you unique?: i guess,
Do you often take the lead?: usually, unless im tired, then i kinda just follow lol
Are you a follower?: if im too tired to lead
Do you do drugs?: nothin hardcore
Do you smoke cigarettes?: a little bit, sry bridgette
Do you drink alchohol?: duh
Are you any type of activist?: not really, would be cool though to get involved in something though

[ Opinions On ]

Gay Rights: all for them. considering some of my best friends are gay and im bi.  if i fall inlove with a woman then i want to be able to marry her and have the same rights as a normal couple would. fuck gender love is love. 
Clothes: i like tee shirts. especially band ones. and i love my vans sweatshirts (i wear them all the time) ..pants are stoopid
"Scenes": let people do what they want i dont wannafollow any kind of trend
Michael Jackson: michael jackson is a silly white woman. and so molested those little boys.
Being Nerdy: nerds=the sex. i can be a nerd at times and being nerdy is so cute.
George Bush: ;ladksjf;lakjdf;lajkdf fucking idiot a;lsdkfj;lasdkhngak;nbfga dont get me started
Hygene: dude hygiene is fucking important as hell. i feel disgusting if i dont shower everyday and brush my a clean freak what can i say

[ Favorites ]

Top 5 Bands/Artists you like: Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed and Cambria, Finch, Hellogoodbye, Mest
Least 5 Bands/Artsts you dont like: Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit, Creed, Simple Plan, Busted

Food: Baked Ziti
Drink: Slurpee<3
VideoGame: Luigis mansion mo fucka
Book: The Afterlife
TV Show: THE L WORD<333333333333333333333333 DANA AND SHANE MOTHER FUCKER
Movie: so many...right now Its my party
HangOut Spot: trainstation
Hobbies: guitar
Word or Phrase: fuck

Tell us a joke (props to No_Pants community for this idea): so there is a chair..and he is walking
Will you advertise us?: duh bridgette your one of my closest friends ofcourse ill help advertise your community
Give us a link where: im going to do it a little later b/c im in a rush
Kiss our ass: bird is fucking hot and i want her in my pants omg shes a fuckin stud lady
Show us atleast 3 pictures of yourself:

*extra brownie points*
Show us a picture of you kissing someone of the same sex: dont have any yet..hopefully soon :)

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